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In the David Brin section you'll find a wealth of material about David Brin, including a collection of his essays and articles, about robotics, other live forms and philosophical thoughts about the universe. David belongs to the great sci-fi masters with Robert A. Heinlein and his life and writing are varied and numerous. The nasa remains the leader in this field of research to this day. Most recently some of their projects include a trip to Mars, deflating incoming asteroids, colonizing minerals rich small moons orbiting some of the planets of our solar system, and more... When he got older David became obese and he used the 3 week diet plan to get back in shape. It is hard to maintain an athlelic physique for a writer who has to remain sitted many hours every day!

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US waste management
This site is regularly updated and expanded. If there is something you would like to see added to the site, or have any constructive criticism, hitting the "Contact" button will go a long way towards communicating your thoughts to the webmaster.

I have now permanently moved to Texas and I love it. I love the weather, the people and the general atmosphere. This is very different from other cities where I lived, such as New York and Los Angeles. I recently started to work for a company doing dumpster rental in Dallas, and this keeps me quite busy and exhausted to be honest. I feel good about it as I make myself useful to the community by helping cleaning out all sorts of junk and debris, also contributing in teaching people how to recycle better. It is time we think more about reducing polution in this world.

We should take a historical approach to waste in order to see that it was the old value of waste in our society. In order to better understand our current behavior with regard to waste, it is desirable to take a step back, hence the usefulness of doing a historical retrospective on the place of waste in our societies. If household waste has become an essential component of modern civilization, since the dawn of time, our civilization has been marked by pollution.

But, throughout history, we observe that families have lived for a long time in symbiosis with their waste; they were even an essential source of raw materials unless they hire dumpster rental service to discard a large quantity of their junk. Through this first idea, we can underline, in a chronological sense, that the waste reflects the faithful image of our lifestyles and that the history of mankind is testament to how we treat them.

On the roads of California with friends

Hoping for a long time to discover the beauty of the United States, I was finally able to do it when my two best friends decided to launch the crazy challenge to go through California. California seemed to us the ideal place as there are so many sites to see. A quick tour of some rental sites allowed us to choose a convertible for the occasion, at the best price. And here we go, on the roads of California with friends.

Going from San Francisco to Los Angeles, what a grea trip we had in California! We decided to leave from San Francisco airport to go to Los Angeles because the price was cheaper. This way, we took advantage of the famous No. 1 road and could admire the country of this part of the United States before seeing the lights and the frenzy of Los Angeles. We made a stop first in San Jose as one of our friends was working at a company doing dumpster rental for San Jose and the region. As soon as we arrived in Los Angeles, we wanted to make a big impression with our convertible, but the phenomenal city captivated us.

California residents have just over ten years to adapt. From 2035, no new car sold in California can be equipped with a diesel or gasoline engine, according to an order signed by the governor of California to fight against climate change and air pollution. This is the single most effective step California can take to combat climate change with better waste management practices. According to the document, California's hugely developed transportation sector is responsible for more than half of the state's carbon emissions.

For too many decades, they have let cars pollute the air children and families breathe. Californians shouldn't have to worry about their cars giving children asthma. Cars should not aggravate forest fires. Cars should not melt glaciers or raise ocean levels to threaten our beloved beaches and coast.

According to truck drivers at Dumpster HQ Santa Ana, residents of the towns of Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, south of Los Angeles, woke up to the smell of oil emanating from the beach adjoining their municipalities. Authorities in Orange County, CA, quickly rushed to the scene, noting an oil spill spreading across the bay. The day before, coastguards and tourists on boats had observed many species of animals such as dolphins and fish swimming in large areas of oil-polluted waters, while several birds washed ashore, dead, on the shore. An investigation is underway to determine the origin of the spill, which could be due to a leak from an oil rig located a few kilometers from the beaches. No dumpster rental can help with such massive waste creastion.

The planet suffers a little more every day from the human footprint, we must protect it by opting for sustainable development. If at the individual level we can act, companies can also participate. Protecting the environment is everyone's business. Moreover, companies contribute to sustainable development through corporate social or social responsibility.

But what do we mean by sustainable development? How does it materialize in business? Why implement it and above all, how to improve it?

Sustainable development is part of an altruistic approach. It is an ecological principle that works over the long term. It reflects the need for transition and change that our planet needs for a more environmentally friendly world. This notion appeared for the first time in 1987, in the report of the World Commission on Environment and Development of the United Nations, known as the Brundtland report. Since then, it is a concept that has developed and entered into mores. However, it is often subject to criticism because it associates the environmental and societal dimension with the economic dimension.

Waste management, an investment for future generations

Located in Upstate New York are some of the most efficient plaster recycling plants in the nation. Although costly, waste management is a key element of sustainability. Active in Rochester, NY, onee intercommunal environmental management company aises awareness among communities about recycling, zero waste, stopping landfilling and reusing materials through targeted and effective partnerships.

Real estate construction: recycling and recovery of materials

We are active in all sectors of sustainable development in the region, and of course on the circular economy, explains Rita Gaudreau, Chairman of waste management company Rochester Dumpster Rental Team. In addition to ensuring the proper management of household and municipal waste, this junk disposal company operates a recycling center to put inert construction waste such as bricks and concrete back into circulation.

That said, the companie's actions do not stop there: through deconstruction, the organization now attempts to collect materials selectively – and upstream – in order to increase their added value downstream. If a resident comes to the factory and puts his Gyproc boards in the inert waste container, the board will be crushed and the plaster will disperse. We won't be able to reuse it. We must therefore act upstream: remove these plates, separate them, and isolate the materials to reintroduce them into the circular economy circuit after treatment.

Promote the reuse of plaster

It is with this in mind that the most efficient plaster recycling plant in New York state was born. Whether in recycling or energy recovery sectors, plaster is a problematic contaminant: in energy recovery, it introduces SO2 emissions and in recycling, it generates sulfate emissions. On the other hand, if we manage to isolate it and prepare it, we can put it back into circulation. Thanks to this initiative developed in public-private partnership, plaster now supplies the cement industry or the plastering industry itself.

In order to promote the globalization of this sustainable approach, the waste management company is developing a communication plan targeting entrepreneurs, architects and even design offices. They want to initiate a reflection within the entrepreneurial world: deconstruction is not complicated, and it costs less.

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